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20-23 мая 2020

Дата: 20-23 мая 2020

Место: The Rome Marriott Park Hotel
Via Colonnello Tommaso Masala, 54
Rome 00148 Italy
+39 06 658821

Контакты: Липина Анастасия, e-mail: lipina@intermeda.ru, +7-925-055-39-77 


The World Institute of Pain (WIP) has chosen Rome, Italy as the venue for its 10th World Congress, to be held May 20-23, 2020.

For a quarter of a century WIP has been a beacon for physicians seeking advanced knowledge and skills in pain medicine for the purpose of alleviating and eradicating chronic pain conditions through interventional techniques. Founded by medical trailblazers, including the late Prithvi Raj who inspired and continues to inspire generations of pain professionals, WIP is the preeminent network of medical and scientific professionals whose principal aims are both to learn and to teach others about evidence-based and state-of-the-art techniques encompassing interventional pain practice.

Through the WIP World Congress, the global network of pain physicians participate in the comprehensive, multidisciplinary exchange of clinical and scientific expertise that is essential to revolutionizing universal standards for clinical pain practice. By influencing optimal care pathways on a global scale, physicians achieve better pain management outcomes for their patients.

WIP aims to deliver another dynamic educational program that fulfills the standards of scholarly excellence that our global network of pain professionals and industry partners expect.

The WIP World Congress encompasses participant-friendly, consensus-building, powerful educational curricula that have led to the development of innovative interventional techniques for the management of pain. With your participation and exchange with world-renowned experts in pain medicine, together we are achieving advancements and standardizations of the effectiveness of existing techniques and on avenues for further improvements in therapeutic performances.

Rome, the capital of Italy with the status of a global city, hosts the headquarters of many international businesses, including companies involved in the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, and financial services. Its historic center encompasses the world’s most visited tourist destinations, including the Vatican Museums and Colosseum.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rome 2020 for a very special pain conference – the 10th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain.


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